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Are you a fan of John Cena, Triple H and other famous WWE wrestlers? A while ago, WWE Inc. has announced a partnership with Scopely, a mobile entertainment network that was founded in 2011 and which has launched The Walking Dead: Road to Survival in the summer of 2015. Together, they’ve developed “WWE Champions”, which was inspired from the Candy Crush match-three puzzle game, but it includes RPG elements.

The game was launched on Android and iOS, in a limited beta best, following to be launched worldwide later this year, and it offers the players the possibility to collect over 100 different WWE Superstars and Legends characters, then send them in the right to compete in 3D grappling action. Some of the WWE stars and legends that are featured in this game are the Undertaker, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Big Show, Andre The Giant and many more.

In “WWE Champions”, the players will be able to upgrade their superstar’s skills, build a powerful team and fight against their friends’ teams of wrestlers. Or, they will team up with their friends and compete with other rivals from all over the world. “Champions” will recreate Raw battles, the coming Smackdown and will have monthly title events, so there will be plenty action.

As a player of this game, your quick thinking will help the Superstar win the fight and you’ll get rewarded for every victory. You’ll be able to unlock epic moves, or you’ll use your strategy to finish battles in less than five minutes. But, you will also be tempted to make in-app purchases, such as power-ups or card packs.

“Champions” is WWE’s third game, after the company has released the “Supercard” collectible card battle game in August 2014, while “Immortals”, which is a hand-to-hand combat fighting game, came in January 2015 and it uses the game engine from “Injustice: Gods Among Us.”