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It is reported that WhatsApp could be after Apple in the encryption war and it the app is needed to receive encrypted voice calls, but did you know that you might not truly survive without this application on your mobile in these modern times? Here are the reasons why:

  • Have you ever experienced being not able to independently think and having to spend your weekend mornings lying in bed wasting some precious time waiting for your group chat leader to tell you about your plans for the weekend? This is where this app can help you, especially when you get rubbish sleep after drinking the night before.
  • After you spend all afternoon planning your night out said on your WhatsApp group, you still need clarification as to whether you are going or not. Or, what look you will be wearing to suit the occasion if you would.
  • When you cannot remember the last time you made an independent decision, what you wear would need approval from at least 3 group members of the chat.
  • You can rely on your WhatsApp group when it comes to everything, particularly in sending out panic requests. You might realize that you do not have that nail polish remover or anything that can compete your ensemble before you go out!
  • The app can certainly be useful when one or a few of your friends cancels in the group, so you do not have to get up and do your makeup for your night out.

WhatsApp Plus

Now, what WhatsApp can do for you can even be made better with its newer version, the WhatsApp Plus! This is a modified version of WhatsApp for Android that is developed by the Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. The app itself is free, though you should take note that the user license is the same as WhatsApp, where it is also known as WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Plus Holo, with the blue icon on it.

Following the purchase of the original app by Facebook, it would be very likely that you will see significant changes in the official application, which include greater security and voice call features that you might not see before. If, on the other hand, you want to change the look of your WhatsApp to suit your personal preferences, then you will have it at you’re your disposal! As you can see, WhatsApp Plus offers you more control over things, such as notifications and sending pictures. In a sense, it would be the best alternative for you.

Now, if you want your life to keep going on as it is, you might want to have WhatsApp on your mobile device. Whether it is for an official task to complete what you are required for the day in your work or something that you need to have in mind for a get together, this app can definitely fill the gap, allowing you to be the best that you should be.