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If the image is legit, then it’s the first possible evidence that Apple has finally made an important change in its upcoming iPhone’s appearance. The photo was posted by the Chinese website Bastille Post, after potting it at the PhilMUG forums, via user Cmmig. It this is the upcoming iPhone 7, then it will have an oval camera module with a dual-lens, instead of featuring two separate circular camera openings. The other novelty would be the smart connector.

In the leaked image, the camera has a microphone in its right side and slightly to the right is the LED flash, just like on the previous iPhones, but the antenna bands sit now along the top and bottom edges. The three dots you can see at the bottom represent the Smart Connector, which was introduced on the iPad Pro and which is a magnetic port that allows communication between the Smart Keyboard and the tablet. On the iPhone 7, its role will be to allow for both data and power to be transferred between the upcoming flagship and another phone.

After the image was made public, the iPhone modification company Feld & Volk has imagined its own custom versions of the iPhone 7 and it included a variant with a pink aluminum body, as well as a model with a Double Carbon texture. Feld & Volk took into consideration the single oval-shaped protrusion which houses the dual-lens camera, alongside the Smart Connector from the bottom of the back.

It is believed that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a thickness of 6.1mm, without the protrusion, being 1mm slimmer than the current iPhone 6S. The volume buttons will be pill-shaped and the phone will include a mute switch and a power button on the front side. The 3.5mm headphone jack will be replaced with an all-in-one Lightning connector, so the users will need a lightning to 30-pin adapter in order to connect 30-pin accessories to the upcoming iPhone 7. Other reports suggest that the flagship will have feature dual speakers powered by audio hardware built by Cirrus Logic.