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The March update for GTA 5 brings new themed clothing items, new weapons and missions, alongside bug fixes. While most of the GTA 5 players are enjoying the new features introduced in update 1.33, the rest are waiting for GTA 6’s arrival. Unfortunately, this won’t happen very soon.

The GTA 5 players have received the update 1.33 on their PCs, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and now, they will choose between the 20 Lowrider themed clothing items and outfits that will be found in the Clothes Stores for both male and female characters. Also, the Compact Rifle and the Double Barrel Shotgun are the new weapons which you will use when you’ll be chased by the police, or when you’ll be in mission.

Ghosted to Player is the new feature that will appear on the Wasted screen, after another player will kill you three times within five minutes and if you won’t damage the player during the three kills, but it will also give you the opportunity to be in passive mode for over 100 seconds. You will find this option alongside the Respawn, Passive and One on One Deathmatch options.

Also, you’ll be able to drive new vehicles such as Virgo Classic Custom, the Slamvan Custom or the Faction Custom Donk, which is a monster truck hybrid. Aside from these, the update will include many fixes for the two consoles and PC.

As for the upcoming GTA 6, the game is rumored to feature a female protagonist voiced by actress Eva Mendes, it will have a bigger map, most likely containing locations such as Fierro and Las Venturas, and teleportation could be the feature that the gamers are dreaming of. If Rockstar Games will follow the five years release pattern, then the GTA 6 might be announced in 2018. But it isn’t sure that the upcoming PS 5 and Xbox Two will be ready until then, which means that the game’s release date will be delayed until 2020.