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The UC Browser HD 3.0 for Android is specially designed for the big screen on mobile devices, and it has just been released to feature major updates. Particularly, it is engineered to provide a perfect support for gesture and video control on tablets and phablets. Here are the things you can get from this release:

  • Multi-Touch Gestures to Make Browsing More Convenient

Of course, you get more space on a tablet, but haven’t you notice that it is more difficult to pick out something specific on the screen, like the “forward” or “back” button? Well, the gestures on the UC Browser HD 3.0 are able to solve this issue by using a more intuitive navigation function. Now, you no longer need to search for a tap a button, and you can switch tabs by simply swiping 2 fingers to the left and right. You are also able to open or close a tab by swiping up or down. In addition, you will be able to go forward or backward through a web page by swiping with one finger to the left or right, which makes browsing a whole lot easier on a big screen.

  • Smart Built-In Video Player

While not all browsers are smart enough to maximize the big screens of all mobile devices, the new UC Browser comes with an intuitive video player that can make watching your favorite movies even better. Because it is smart, it will automatically activate its player when playing a video on a web page, while allowing you to use gesture control. You can adjust the playback progress, brightness and volume of the video with just a single finger slide.

  • Combination of a Page Pre-Loader and Cloud Sync

The new Page Pre-Loader would certainly come in handy, especially when you are reading a paged article or checking the status of your friends on social media, like Facebook. You see, this feature is designed to create a seamless reading experience with the next page that is being automatically loaded while you are reading a current page. Plus, with Cloud Sync, you will be able to synchronize your bookmarks between multiple devices via UC, Facebook or Google account. This means that you no longer have to wait to open the next page? This new UC Browser has the answer to such a need!

  • Intelligent Text Zoom That Allows for Easier Reading

On a tablet or a similar device, a web page would typically zoom out to fit the screen, which would result in the text becoming too small to read. Well, the new UC Browser will automatically magnify text on web pages with a text body, such as forums and news articles. This means that you no longer need to zoom in to enlarge text, protecting your eyes while providing you the best reading experience you can have.

Moreover, the UC Browser HD 3.0 features fast downloading and browsing speeds, so it should be a great browser for your big-screen device. If you are looking for more information about the UC Browser, click on this page.

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