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It seems that the upcoming March update that will be released for Clash of Clans is about to make its appearance soon, as Supercell, the developer of the game, is teasing us with some incoming sneak peeks. So, if you’ve been anxiously waiting for this update to arrive, your “nightmare” will be over soon.

This has been confirmed by one of the admins on the official Facebook page of Clash of Clans. A player asked why there is no news about the upcoming update and an admin replied, saying that the developing team is working on the final details and that they will be able to release some sneak peeks before the end of this week. Well, it’s already Thursday and we haven’t seen any sneak peeks yet, but hopefully they will offer us a surprise this weekend.

We remind you that early last month, a post on Facebook has revealed that the next update will come with new troops, along with a big feature that will be live before the end of April. In addition, some matchmaking tweaks will make the Clan Wars fairer than before, which means that if you have a strong Clan, you will no longer battle against one that has very low chances to win. As soon as Supercell will start the Clash of Clans sneak peeks, we will get more information about these balance changes and the new troops.

We remind you that Supercell is usually releasing sneak peeks about an update before releasing it. This way, the players are informed and they are not surprised when the new patch is released. There are many things you need to learn in the Clash of Clans game, and we’re pretty sure that the sneak peaks help the players a lot.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Clash of Clans: March Update?