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The Apple TV 4 owners who have their set top boxed running on tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1 will be able to jailbreak their devices in the near future. Pangu has announced that it will release a jailbreak for the fourth Apple TV, but it won’t work if the users have upgraded their devices to tvOS 9.1, 9.1.1 or new betas. However, while making preparation for the upcoming jailbreak, you might check the tvOS version of your Apple TV 4, by going to Settings, General, About.

After deciphering the tvOS version you have installed on your Apple TV 4 (9.0 or 9.0.1), you’ll need to find out what’s the serial number of your device formed from 12 digits, which is found at the bottom of the sticker placed on the back of the box.

You should know that tvOS 9.0 was released on 29 October 2015, then the 9.0.1 update came on November 9, the 9.1 update was brought on December 8 and lastly, the 9.1.1 update made its appearance a year later, on December 25 2016. So, if the device was released prior to December 8 2015, then it was shipped with tvOS 9.0.x, so it can be jailbroken.

If you’re about to buy the Apple TV 4 in the next days, you should turn off updates, because if you’ll install the latest tvOS 9.1.1, then you will no longer be able to jailbreak this set top box. So, go to Settings, System, Software Updates, where you’ll turn off Automatically Update.

You will also need a USB-C Cable to connect your Apple TV to a Mac or PC, but don’t forget, the fourth generation set top box no longer supports the traditional Micro USB, so you’ll need to buy a USB-C cable which costs $6.99 on Amazon.

Now, all you have to do is wait until the @PanguTeam will release the Apple TV 4 jailbreak, hopefully this week.