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When Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released, it became extremely successful. This success resonated with many places, dubbing it Game of the Year in 2015.

In October, the developers released the first expansion, Hearts of Stone. This expansion was also extremely successful for the open world RPG. In fact, some players see it even better than the actual game itself.

Another expansion is due for released for the game. It’s not known when or what it’ll be about. What is known is the name: Blood and Wine. The assumption, based on what it known, is that it’s about vampires.


One clue is the title itself: blood. However, it’s far more than just that. The Witcher 3 trailer, “A Night to Remember” is another piece of evidence. Geralt is fighting a creature – either it’s an alp or bruxa, both are considered a kind of vampire. The trailer ends with Geralt headed toward Toussaint, where Blood and Wine is likely to be set.

The city of Toussaint is widely known for wine. In the downloadable content, it’s the home of a deep dark, bloody secret. It’s one of several facts people know about the expansion. According to CD Projekt Red, the game’s developer, returning characters will include those sincerely missed and new.

Witcher game fans have concluded the expansion is going to feature vampires, based on the title, the trailer and the bloody secret. However, players who’ve read the Witcher novels are even more hopeful that the expansion is about vampires, as they know of one “dearly missed” characters – a beloved character that is also a high vampire.

This character isn’t in the primary game or the first expansion – not a flashback or anything. Therefore, the Blood and Wine expansion would be the most rational way for players to see him. It’d also be the last chance. If the expansion has an underlying vampire theme, this is the best chance for it.