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If you’re reading this article, it means that you’re a WhatsApp user who recently created an account and you want to learn more about this application. Well, for starters, some of the features allow you to send free messages (texts, images, videos and audio recordings) to your friends, call them for free, join chat groups, backup data on the cloud etc. Below you’ll find a d detailed list of things you can do on WhatsApp, so take notes and apply these tips and tricks later.

Getting Desktop Notifications For Chats

To make this possible, you’ll need the WhatsApp Web Chrome extension called WAToolkit, which can be found on the internet. Install it and in the browser toolbar will appear a new icon. Hover your cursor over it and it will show you the most recently received message. When right-clicking on it, you’ll see more options and you’ll check the background notifications box, so that you’ll be notified when you have new messages.

Prevent WhatsApp Images From Appearing In The Camera Roll

When your friends send you images on WhatsApp, they’re automatically saved on your phone and they mix with other photos taken with your camera and they appear in the camera roll. You can stop this by downloading a file explorer (ES File Explorer), then going to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media, entering the WhatsApp Images folder that you don’t want to be shared, tapping the plus button from the bottom of the screen and naming the new folder “.nomedia”.

Hiding Last Seen, Status And Profile Photo

There are some people who become obsessed with certain contacts and if they ignore them when going online, they become very stressful. So, if you have these type of friends and you don’t want them to know that you checked your account, you can hide your Last Seen by tapping the Options icon from the top right, then going to Settings > Account > Privacy and setting the visibility to either Everyone, My contacts or Nobody. Do the same with your profile image and status.

Mute WhatsApp Group Chats

In groups with many “talkative” members, keeping up with everything they write can be exhausting. Plus, you’re being notified everytime they send a new message and eventually, you’ll start getting mad. Muting group chats is the best solution, if you don’t want to leave them. So, tap the Chats tab, then the group that you want to mute and from Options, choose Mute. You can choose to never be bothered again by notifications, or only for a period of time.

Lock WhatsApp

Private conversations must remain private, so keep them away from your friends’ curious eyes by locking the application. Use a third party application such as AppLock to set a passcode for WhatsApp.