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According to reports, the developers of WhatsApp are currently working on a new feature that will soon encrypt voice calls that are made via their mobile messaging application. We remind you that Apple is currently fighting against the government, as the American multinational technology company doesn’t want to help it to gain access to an iPhone that was used by one of the shooters in San Bernardino, California during the attacks.

According to The Guardian, Snapchat and Google are also planning to expand the encryption on their platforms. The same newspaper has reported that the WhatsApp application might receive the encryption feature within weeks.

The WhatsApp encrypt voice calls comes after Facebook (the owner of WhatsApp), Microsoft and Google have confirmed that they are backing Apple in its resistance to the FBI’s request for getting access to that iPhone device.

We remind you that WhatsApp is collecting users’ phone numbers, but it doesn’t gather email addresses, names or other information. At the same time, the content that’s posted inside the messaging application can’t be used to identify a person, but it can be used to get information on the type of mobile device that was used along with billing information (in some cases).

However, since WhatsApp has become a completely free application, the billing information doesn’t exist anymore, so there is not many details that the WhatsApp owners could give to the feds if they ever want some information about a specific mobile phone number. It seems that we’re getting more and more privacy on the online activities and this is a good thing.

Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office has mentioned that on March 22 has been scheduled a federal court hearing in California, which involves Justice Department’s request to unlock the encrypted iPhone.