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Oh no! for some reason the video you were watching on YouTube just suddenly stopped working.

Most likely it is because your version of Adobe Flash Player is out of date.

Whether you are watching a video on YouTube or playing some of the latest video games made for the PC or Mac, you will always need to have your Adobe Flash Player stay up to date. Without the Adobe Flash Player, not many sources of entertainment will be available to you.

Don’t worry, in this article you will be able to know exactly how to go about updating your Adobe Flash Player for both PC and Mac!

Updating your Adobe Flash Player is quite simple actually, for some systems it may be automatically updated, but for many you will have to manually go to the Adobe’s website and download the latest update and let it patch.

We’ll first talk about how you can go about updating it for the PC, then we’ll talk about updating for the Mac second.

How To Update Adobe Flash Player For The PC

When you’re updating Adobe Flash Player for the PC, it is actually very simple.

How simple?

Usually when your version of Adobe Flash Player is out of date while watching a video or playing a game, it will give you an error message with a link to the Adobe website to download the latest update.

You can go here if there are no message redirecting yo to their website:

On the left side you will be asked what operating system you are using and what version of Adobe Flash Player do you need.

After you have selected the correct options, just hit the install button onto your right and to download the Adobe Flash Player drive. Once you have it downloaded, open it up and begin your installation. it should only take you a few minutes.

If you are using the web browser Google Chrome, you’ll most will always be updated because the Adobe Flash layer will be in the form of a plugin that will automatically update itself.

I highly suggest that you use Google Chrome as a main web browser as its fast, efficient, and safe.

How To Update Adobe Flash Player For The Mac Users

Updating Adobe Flash Player for the Mac will be the same process.

Visit the website:

To your left, select your operating system and which version of Adobe Flash Player you need (the latest version of course). Hit the install button on the bottom right and it will update your version of Adobe Flash Player.

Google Chrome is also available for the Mac too. So if you want to always be quickly updated with the latest version of Flash Player, we highly recommend that you switch on over to Google Chrome as your main web browser.

Ending Thoughts:

Now that you know how to update, be sure to always get the latest updates on your Adobe Flash Player! Updating will help you navigate the web and be less prone to hacking.

We high recommend people to use google chrome as Adobe Flash Player will be built in to always update you with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

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