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Ever since Samsung Galaxy S7 was officially announced last month, numerous comparisons have been drawn with respect to Apple’s iPhone 6S.

While some pundits have claimed that pitting the two head to head is actually unfair, it seems this won’t stop until Apple finally unveils the new iPhone 7 later this year. Samsung stepped up their game this time and so is Apple expected to when its next flagship is unveiled. But for now, we still have time to compare last year’s Apple iPhone 6S with this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

Each year, both Samsung and Apple release new smartphones. These devices are aimed to be successors of previously released gadgets and they usually come in with lots of improvements. This is what Samsung has done and it is what puts the Galaxy S7 ahead of the iPhone 6S, but at least on two major aspects: display and camera quality.

Display quality

It is about time Apple shifted its attention from LCD screens to the much better OLED displays that Samsung has been using on its Galaxy S series devices for quite some time now. OLED technology has played a huge role in Samsung’s installation of the curved display on the Galaxy S7 Edge. In fact, this technology could easily help Samsung dive into flexible screen technology, thus moving away from flat-screen smartphones.

There have been reports that Apple is working on a deal that will see both Samsung and LG produce OLED panels for the company’s iPhone line of smartphones, but this deal has yet to be finalized and made public. It seems Apple has finally learned that OLED screens are thinner and lighter, respond faster to commands, have more vibrant colors, better viewing angles and color accuracy, smaller bezels as well as the new Always On mode.

Camera quality

Samsung has finally borrowed a leaf from Apple with respect to the number of megapixels in a camera. However, the former has stretched its limits to come in with a much better snapper than what the former offers, especially when it comes to low-light conditions.

The South Korean tech giant has heavily focused on refining the camera with respect to low-light shooting, something that has even been recognized by Apple-based website iMore. This can be attributed to the larger aperture of f/1.7 that the 12MP snapper on the Galaxy S7 comes with. The story is the same as other tech pundits feel the same, starting with Yahoo Tech that claims what the iPhone 6 offers in low light conditions isn’t anything close to what the S7 is offering under the same conditions.