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There are a number of disappointed GTA 5 fans because the recently publicized GTA Online event is not going to involve any new content or update. However, other fans are seeing it as a sign of hope.

Hopeful fans note that the latest Double RP events and Double GTA$ in GTA Online often occur before a big content update, and the idea is to allow players to accumulate a mass amount of cash before the content they want to purchase is released.

Some may say that too much is being read into the motivations of Rockstar, but it’s not totally unsubstantiated. There have been a number of events that gave players a lot of chances to increase their in-game money as well as their reputation. Therefore, it does make some sense that this is all in preparation of something bigger.

What kind of DLC could be released next?

It’s believed that single-player DLC for the game isn’t going to happen, which means the content is going to focus primarily on the online gameplay, with vehicles or items that can also be used in single-player mode.

Updates for GTA online is usually released in-line with holidays like Valentine’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s yet to be a St. Patrick’s Day DLC release. There’s a first time for everything. Of course, an Easter DLC is quite possible too.

New updates don’t always align with holidays. On March 3, the 86th annual Geneva International Motor Show kicked off and lasted until March 13. It’s possible that Rockstar will use some of the vehicle design models that were seen during the Motor Show.

Of course, some rumors just don’t end. Some fans are beyond convinced that a Zombie mode or Casino DLC will be forthcoming. Is it possible? Sure! However, if you were to bet a dollar in GTA$ for each time you heard the rumor, you wouldn’t need the Double GTA$ events to get ready for the next update… whatever that may be.