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If you’ve checked out our previous article on Google Earth and enjoyed many of its features, you will love what Google Earth Pro can do.

In the past you had to pay $399 just to use Google Earth Pro, but in recently Google made their Google Earth Pro free for the public to use and benefit from the advanced features. The reasoning behind their option to make the service free is not very well known, but now people all over the world can use it to explore and find new discoveries.

Google Earth Pro is a lot more detailed and advanced than its standard version with its high quality video displays of images, real-time scans of clouds for weather predictions, and a social connection of compiled pictures gathered from many who have visited certain location to let the world others planning to make a trip have a sneak peek of what the location looks like.

What Can You Use Google Earth For?

Many photographer love the feature of google Earth Pro’s Cloud patterns as it will allow them to track where the sunniest locations are in search for the perfect lighting for their photoshoot. Google Earth also tells the move movement of the sun, which further helps photographer find perfect lighting.

Many people use Google Earth Pro as a tool to help them travel and set marks on where they have traveled and post pictures on to those marked location. They are freely share with the world or with friends and family.

People may also use Google Earth Pro to help them detect if bad weather is to be expected so that they can plan ahead of time. This is especially important for farmers as they can prepare accordingly so that crops and other vegetation can be kept safe for proper growth and maturity.

There Are So Much More Undiscovered Use Of Google Earth Pro, It’s Like A Puzzle!

While Google Earth Pro already has many great uses, there are still some that are still yet to be discovered.

Teacher and scientists have found great use to Google Earth to teach and explore geological areas that can help us further understand our planet and how we can help make it better.

Scientist may use Google Earth Pro to analyze and test climate issues and find ways to prevent disasters from happening.

There are just so many use for this great device!

What will you use it for?

Ending Thoughts

You have the whole earth in the palms of your hands with lots of knowledge about our planet. While back in the old world people were trying to find out if the earth was flat or rounded. We should feel extremely lucky.

Download Google Earth Pro today! See what you can use it for.

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