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The recent case of issues with the Apple Logo Boot Loop on your recent jailbroken Pangu iOS 9.1 versions on iPad or iPhone has got its solution now.

Foremost, you need to understand that why device is getting into boot loop version? There could be the situation that either Pangu jailbreak is racing while booting or while the jailbreak is occurring. This situation happens when kernel panic has to be activated that propels device into nonstop boot loops. This issue is not occurring every device. In some devices, it is working at the first attempt and there would not be any boot loop. Although, there is no official release by Pangu in this regard. But, with the tech hacks, you can certainly use it other way round.

Some of the tricks are:

  • Turn your phone off by holding the power button. The device will turn off and you have to switch it on again. You will see that it is working back.
  • If you see that the usual rebooting thing is not working out, then you need to pick the unusual way and that is by restarting it for the five times at least. Then, you have to wait till the device go through the boot loops by itself. You have to be patient with that because your device might go through boot loop for more than 20 times. The number of boot loops also varies from device‚Äôs model.
  • In some situations, you can try the trick of turning off the device by holding power and Touch ID. When the turn off, then you have to turn it normally. The time when Apple logo appears on the screen, you have to press the volume buttons. The device will have to go through this for five times until it gets back to the normal booting condition.
  • If you do not know what to do, then you have to leave the device upon its own and you will see that it will boot back itself.

After trying all of the above tricks will not work, and then you have to restore the iOS from iTunes. But, since Apple if not offering the iOS 9.1 anymore, you will have to update your phone to the iOS 9.3 or at least to iOS 9.2. That way, your device might get back in working state.