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The wait is almost over, as the first DLC for the Fallout 4 will be released in about a week. The upcoming DLC is named Automatron, it costs 10 dollars and it will bring many new things to the game, which you will surely enjoy.

However, before we talk more about this upcoming DLC, let’s see the Fallout 4 – Automatron Official Trailer that Bethesda has released yesterday.

As you can see, Automatron DLC brings robots and it seems that you will be able to customize your own robot and use it as a “pet”. We agree that this is not meant to be a big story DLC, because the “Far Harbor” DLC will take care of that, when it will be released sometimes in May 2016 and will be sold for 25 dollars.

The trailer is pretty exciting and we’re sure that we all Fallout 4 fans agree with us. Let’s not forget that this is a small patch, but it seems Bethesda took the time to make sure that they will create a good trailer for this DLC. There are already many Fallout 4 fans who said that this new DLC seems to be bringing the “Pokemon”-style in the Fallout game. This might sound silly, but since you will be able to control your robot and customize it, after collecting parts to build it, we can say that it copies a bit the “Pokemon” idea.

The Fallout – Automatron DLC will be released on March 22, 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation and Windows PC. Bethesda will release the Wasteland Workshop DLC sometime in April 2016, which will allow you to design and set cages to capture live creatures and tame them. The Wasteland Workshop DLC costs only 5 dollars and can already be purchased.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Fallout 4 DLCs?