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In the past three years, the popularity of Clash of Clans has increased from a day to another, and Supercell keeps improving it. The March update will be released soon and the players are getting incoming sneak peeks of the features that will be added, such as new troops, Clan War changes etc. In January, Supercell has announced another game called Clash Royale, which combined elements from collectible card games, tower defense games and MOBA’s and two weeks ago, it was released globally on iOS and Android. The CoC players are craving for a few features that have been added to Clash Royale and we’ll talk about them below.

Daily Gems or Chests

Star Bonus is a “Daily goal” that was added in a recent update to CoC, and it rewarded the players with five starts after being prolific attackers. Also, they used Gold and Elixir (in-game currency) to make upgrades, but more important are GEMS, because they can heal troops faster and the players can build faster. Instead of spending real money on healing troops and building walls, they can earn gems by removing trees, flowers, or by asking for a Gem Mine on Facebook or Twitter. Upgrades are very expensive in Clash Of Clans and they want to get a free “Chest” every four hours, just like the Clash Royale players, so they can receive Gems, upgrades, gold etc.

Knowing Who Is Online

In both games, the players can start a “Clan” with their friends. While in CoC, the players can help their friends by donating troops, in CR, the players can donate cards in order to help their fellows to level up faster. But, Clash Royale has an additional feature: it allows the players to see how many members are in the Clan, how many of them are online etc. Hopefully, this feature will be added to CoC soon.

Battle Clanmates

In Clash Royale, the players can fight members of their own clan, just for fun. They don’t get gold or upgrade their troops. It would be awesome if the CoC players would be able to test out their troops without spending Elixir on their trainings.

Pre-set Communications

In Clash Royale, when the players are fighting, they can say up to six different things which will appear in the little chat box from the corner of the screen, such as “Well Played” or “Good Luck”, to their opponents. Also, they can leave a crying face or use emotions that make sounds. So, why not adding this feature to CoC and allowing the players to say “Good Defense” when their attacks fail?