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Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here, but just like last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 that has issues with the camera, the new flagship has the same problem.

Last year, many were surprised at the fact that Samsung shipped the Galaxy S6 with two different camera sensors. Well, the same is happening this year as it has already been discovered that the South Korean tech giant has repeated the same mistake.

Some Galaxy S6 models came in with ISOCELL sensors while others were installed with Sony sensors. As it turned out, Sony was the outstanding performer as compared to Samsung. This is the same this year, with some models coming in with Samsung’s ISOCELL sensors whereas others have the latest Sony IMX260 sensor. This issue is affecting both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cameras.

Should it be a concern?

As noted above, Sony’s sensor turned out to be the best compared to Samsung’s in last year’s models. This was expected given that the former is a world-known giant when it comes to photography, something that could still be seen in this year’s models with Sony sensors.

If the sensors were giving the same performance, there wouldn’t be any uproar as what happened last year. If these two sensors end up performing differently like last year’s models, then it might mean Samsung is in another hot seat. It wouldn’t be fair to say Samsung’s ISOCELL is poor at what it does. However, imagine what it would feel like upon realizing that you’ve drained your wallet to get a new Galaxy S7 that could possibly be installed with a poor-performing camera than your friend who also owns a similar S7?

This is not the only area where Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models will feature two different sets of hardware. Unlike the Galaxy S6, this will also be happening with this year’s SoC. Samsung will send Snapdragon 820-driven Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge variants to the U.S. and China while other regions, including Europe, will use Exynos 8890-drive variants.

How to check your Galaxy S7 camera sensor model

It is easy to find out what type of sensor your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is using once you have the device with you. Simply head to the Google Play Store and download an app known as AIDA64. Once installed, tap on “Devices” option to get details of the camera ID.

Samsung failed to mention about this difference in the Galaxy S7’s official press release , which only featured the ISOCELL sensor.