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The Android N developer preview was released a week ago, but Google will officially launch it this fall, most likely in October, when a new Nexus device will make its appearance. The company didn’t want to wait until the I/O event to unveil the upcoming Android version and prepared the developers and beta testers for the new features. Here’s a list of the confirmed ones.

Split Screen

Samsung and LG have offered their users the possibility to run two applications on the same window, but Google decided to finally make it a native feature in Android N. So, from now on, any application will run in split-screen mode alongside another application. Some of the applications will support resizing, but this means that the developers will create them using a specific code.

Additional Quick Settings Options

When the users will slide the notifications pane down, they will see more Quick Settings options – up to nine toggles, and they will have access to them by swiping left or right.

Revamped Notifications

Until now, the users have been receiving multiple notifications from the same application, which mingled with the notifications from other applications, creating a total chaos. This will change with the “Bundled notifications” feature, which will group together notifications sent by each application, so that the users will not be alerted everytime someone sends you a message or comments on your photos on Facebook etc.

Improved Doze

This feature was introduced in Marshmallow and its role is to extend the battery life by preventing applications from sending or receiving data over cellular/WiFi (without disabling them) when the screen is off. However, this feature will be improved in Android N and will go into effect after the screen is off for a period of time, no matter if it’s stationary or not.

Emergency Contact And Medical Info, On Lockscreen

This feature will be a life saver when you’ll lie unconscious on the ground, after being hit by a car, or after suffering a heart attack. If you don’t like carrying your ID with you all the time, the only way a stranger can contact your family will be through the Emergency Contact feature, which will allow you to add a number of a family member and which will be dialed from the lockscreen. Another important change is the addition of medical information, such as blood type, known medical conditions etc.