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Microsoft is aggressively auto-upgrading computers to Windows 10 and there are many angry users who complained that they haven’t been adequately notified. In the past days, many Reddit and Twitter users have said that they’ve never approved the Windows 10 upgrade on their Windows 7/8 devices, but the software was automatically installed, and they complained that Microsoft is doing an aggressive campaign.

Microsoft is desperate to make users upgrade to Windows 10, but instead of letting them choose to do this by themselves, it forces them to switch to the new operating system. Back in October, the giant company has announced that Windows 10 will be reclassified as a “Recommended” update, but the update was automatically installed on people’s computers, instead of waiting for their approval.

When the reclassification started on February 1, instead of just being notified that Windows is ready to be installed on their computers, the users noticed that the software was automatically installed without their permission.

Theoretically, the users should receive a notification saying that their computers will be upgraded in the next three or four days, and they must click a link to cancel or postpone the update. If they just close the window, this won’t stop Windows 10 from being installed on the device, and the notification will appear again only one hour before the update is scheduled to be automatically installed. So, if you’re not canceling the update from the first time you’re being notified, then 3-4 days later, the installation of Windows 10 will start on your device.

But, there’s still good news. You can cancel the installation by clicking on Decline, when you’ll see the User License Agreement and this will cause the system to roll back to your old Windows 7 or 8 version.

There’s still a way to prevent upgrade notifications from appearing. You will head to Control Panel > Windows Update and uncheck the box under Recommended updates, which says “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.”