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Samsung and Apple are two of the greatest rivals when it comes to the smartphone world, especially the flagship industry.

Samsung commands the majority of the market share with its Galaxy S series of smartphones while Apple is doing equally the same with its line of iPhones. In a bid to push its sales above those of Samsung, Apple launched an upgrade program for those using older iPhones to get a chance to upgrade to the latest models from the company. This is basically the same move that Samsung has taken, introducing its own upgrade program right when the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is launching officially in the country and other parts of the world.

Samsung is fully aware that its global sales are diminishing thanks to the fact that competition has become rife. Manufacturers from China are constantly coming in with some great devices at very affordable prices, something that has been detrimental in Samsung’s attempts to regain its huge sales volumes. The South Korean giant is also feeling the wrath of Apple as the American heavyweight makes its presence in Asia, especially China, felt.

With this new program, Samsung hopes to reinvigorate people’s desire in the smartphone and thus help drive the sales of the new device. According to Reuters, those living in the company’s home country can get a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on a 24 month plan, but this will mean paying an extra $6.35, which is quite petty. The good side of the story is that when Samsung announces a new device, say Galaxy S8, those on this plan will be able to turn in the Galaxy S7 and get a newer smartphone. In essence, this is the same Samsung Galaxy upgrade program that launched in the UK just last week.

A similar plan to Apple’s iPhone upgrade program

As mentioned at the start, the new Samsung upgrade program is nothing different from what Apple launched last September when releasing the current iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. However, this is not meant to continue the never-ending debate that Samsung is “copying” Apple as far as smartphones are concerned.

In fact, carriers such as T-Mobile have been offering this before even Apple started doing the same. However, the good thing here is that unlike carriers which usually offer the upgrade program on locked devices, both Samsung and Apple have unlocked these devices. This will be a massive boost for anyone who wishes to switch carriers at any given time in future.

At the moment, this new Samsung Galaxy upgrade program is only available in the home country of South Korea. While we expect it to hit the U.S. and Europe very soon, Samsung has not mentioned of the specifics about when this will happen. But with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge set to officially launch today in the country, who knows what might happen.

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