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If you’ve recently browsed through the app stores for either iOS or Android then you couldn’t have missed SuperCell’s Clash of Clans, the game which has held a slot in the top grossing list for both these app stores since it got up there years ago.

But holding a top grossing slot doesn’t mean that the game forces its customers to pay in any way, as a matter of fact, many players from across the world consider Clash of Clans to be one of the most fair free to play games out there, all you need to invest is your time and patience.

Clash of Clans

The game revolves around you, as the chief of your village commanding your villagers to build more structures, resource collectors, defensive buildings, walls as well as some offensive buildings, starting the game with the ever-simply archers and barbarians and ending it with some complex army compositions and strategies, Clash of Clans has had a fairly large set of hardcore players who’ve spent countless hours on the game along with quite a hefty sum from their pockets.

Whether your motivation to play is to simply advance in the global or national rankings or just to play in the clan wars with your school friends, Clash of Clans can be considered as the game for casual as well as the hardcore gamers alike.

The Updates

Around Christmas 2015 and early 2016, we saw a series of updates which changed Clash of Clans drastically, the removal of town hall snipes as a viable way to keep your resources safe was one of the many reasons which caused people to stop playing the game, soon after however, we received a series of updates which added new ways of getting loot back, including a daily quest to get 5 stars in multiplayer battles, bringing back players which had “quit”.

With the addition of Town Hall 11 and a new hero, a new defense, players had a huge concern for a lack of offensive capabilities as far as wars went, we saw some fresh strategies develop and after a long wait, we’re finally expecting to see some new troops added to the game.

The developers have also promised a much better matchmaking system and we can also expect to see some of the first steps being taken against modding in the game, as for the specifics of the upcoming March 2016 update, here’s what we know for sure.

  • We’re going to be getting 3 new toys to play with (at least!), all of which will be dark elixir troops or dark spells.
  • Hog Riders and Goblins are going to receive additional upgrade levels.
  • Some defensive buildings are going to get additional upgrade levels.
  • X-Bows are going to be tuned up a little bit.
  • We can surely expect clans with similar win streaks to be matched against each other. (Another way for modders to be matched against modders)

In the initial leaks, there were reports about healers being nerfed once again but perhaps due to the public outcry, SuperCell has stated on their forums that they don’t plan on doing so.