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Google has wonderful news for the users who installed the Android N Preview by flashing the system image, instead of joining the Beta testing program. They will receive OTA updates just like those who joined the beta program.

Almost a week ago, Google has offered an early preview of its upcoming Android version, allowing developers and usual users to test out its features. They had two options: to either join the beta testing program or to flash the factory image, only OTAs were available only through the beta program. Google has changed that and announced on its official website that even those who flashed the system image will receive OTA updates.

After enrolling in the beta program, the users are getting updates anytime Google is pushing down a new build. Google’s VP of engineering (Android), Dave Burke, has mentioned that Google is releasing full package OTAs, and this procedure is similar to flashing a system image. Google has clarified on the developer site that “If you decide you want to get OTA updates after manually flashing a device, all you need to do is enroll the device in the Android Beta Program. You can enroll the device at any time to receive the next Preview update over the air.”

So, after flashing the factory device, all you will need to do is join the beta with your phone and you will start getting OTA updates automatically, just like if you’d be part of the beta program.

The upcoming features that have been confirmed and will be available in Android N (7.0) are: the multi-window mode, which will allow you to run two applications side-by-side and resize them; better tablet support with specific System UI Tuner, customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher etc.; a new Settings menu with a Suggestions drop-down section that will be displayed at the top, while the individual section dividers will be removed; enhanced Doze mode, which will be activated the moment you’ll turn of the screen and put the phone into your pocket; revamped notification shade/quick settings panel etc.