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Fans came up with fake magazine scans which included characters and the designs for a Pokemon Starter. This was after Nintendo announced the development of a game for the Nintendo 3Ds, the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Although not much has really been disclosed about these new games, the scans which surfaced displayed the first three Pokemon designs but unfortunately turned out to be bogus. Nintendo, on the other hand, is not yet set to reveal the exact date for the release of the expected Pokemon games.

In the meantime, players are turning to other Pokemon Games to play while waiting for the beta versions of the latest games from Nintendo. It has been 20 years ago since the release of the first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green.

Both Pokemon and Pokemon Sun are the first Pokemon games after Pokemon X and Pokemon Y in 2013. After these two, GameFreaks followed it with new releases in 2014, the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Meanwhile, speculations have also surfaced right after Nintendo made the announcement on what changes to expect in these new games. For now, there are 10 possible evolutions reported, including Flygon, Milotic and Lilligant.

iDigital reported that among these Mega evolutions, Raichu deserves to be in the limelight since the slot for the Pokemon franchise has been occupied by Pikachu. Other Pokemons will also be significant to the storyline of “Sun and Moon”, with Zygarde, Mangearna and Volcanion on the list.

Other changes are also expected by players. Users wanted to be able to save their games without having to delete them. Another in the wish list is the possible removal of the Hidden Machines because they limit the players into moving their Pokemons.

Comments made also included the need for plot improvement, variation in battles and starter as well as a change in the single-game slot concept since it does not allow the players to start new games after competing them.

However, the Pokemon website presented that new pocket monsters will definitely be introduced and there will be changes in the setting of the game.  Also, players do not have to worry about starting the game back to zero. Instead, other Pokemon games such as Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow can now be transferred to the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon via the Pokemon Bank.

In another development, the possibility of the game being released this year in NX is also being entertained. This was after the president of Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara said during the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement that the Pokemon series will continue to evolve as the years go by.

Nintendo 3DS was launched five years ago with the release of Pokemon X and Y and it is not a surprise if Pokemon Sun and Moon will be offered using the same platform. Critics say that this will make the games not a evolutionary as expected.

The company is also not ready to give out details of the release and there are rumors that during the launch, gameplay footage was not shown from the titles. This signifies that the upcoming games are still in development stages.