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Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon Go, has announced that its highly anticipated augmented-reality game will be released within this month, in Japan. In addition, it seems that the game will also be released later in other regions.

It seems that during the Pokemon Go field test program, the gamers will be able to share early feedbacks and help the developers to improve the Pokemon Go experience. Currently, the registration is open for the gamers that are interested in playing this game (which are located in the Japan).

In order to apply for a spot in the Pokemon Go Beta program, you will need to have an Android or iOS device and, as well, a registered account on Google. Keep in mind that the slots are limited and those who will sign up and get approved will need to keep the content confidential.

As soon as Niantic announced the Pokemon Go BETA program, many fake websites started popping out, asking for the users to sign up using their email addresses if they want to try out the beta of this game. The Pokemon Company warned the gamers to be aware of these fake websites and never use their email usernames and passwords to log into them.

It’s not sure yet when the Pokemon Go will be officially released, but we assume that after the BETA of this game will be held in other countries as well, and as soon as the developers will fix the reported bugs, they will finally release the game for the public. There are high chances that the developers will held an open BETA for this game, in order to get more feedback and make sure that they don’t miss anything before the official launch of the game.

Have you registered in the Pokemon Go BETA program? What are your thoughts about this upcoming augmented-reality game?