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After a month of waiting, the players of Minecrat Pocket Edition will get the 0.15.0 update, which will be available for all supported devices, while the version for PC and Mac will receive the combat update 1.9.1. New biomes will be added to the Pocket Edition, according to Tommaso Checchi, a member of Mojang AB, but in order to play with them, the players will need to create a new world.

The Pocket Edition will get also new resource packs and pistons will be added in Redstone Phase 3. Realms – the purchasable service which allows the players to buy a small server, might be brought back to the Pocket Edition, after it was removed a few updates ago.

The combat update 1.9 was supposed to be released at the end of 2015, but there were discovered many bugs and the team had to delay the launch until they were sure that they patched out all issues. The update was finally released on February 29 and it brought a number of new features. The update 1.9.1 will bring only small tweaks and a few new features, such as a new language, sound effects and the players will be able to disable weapon cooldowns.

Many bugs found in update 1.9 will be fixed, the AI will be improved and this will help all features work correctly. So, from now on, the player will no longer attack if the weapon recharge bar will be under 70 percent. The update 1.9.1 will be brought by the end of March and it will be available on all platforms.

More updates will arrive in the next months, and sources from Mojang said that update 1.10 is already in the works and it will come with a new mob. Mobs are living entities in the game and they spawn in various ways. While some are harmless, others are extremely hostile – zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders etc.