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Apple has announced that it will hold a special event on March 21, 2016. According to rumors, the Cupertino-based tech giant will finally announce its iPhone SE, Apple Watch 2 and iPad Air 3 devices. However, for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we will need to wait until September 2016, when Apple is usually releasing its new iPhone models.

iPhone 7: Release Date

According to reports, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 will be released sometime in September 2016. It seems that the company wants to keep September as the month when the iPhone flagships are released and we remind you that Apple has released its current and previous flagship devices on the same date (September 9). However, the iDevice maker might need to adjust its schedule, due to a recent earthquake that hit Taiwan, which caused delays in the production of the smartphone processors.

iPhone 7: Missing Feature

If rumors prove to be right, the upcoming iPhone 7 will not feature a headphone jack anymore. Instead, you will be able to connect only wireless headphones to this device. According to MacRumes, Apple will come with a dual-lens camera with DSLR-like performance quality that will make some great photos even in dim light conditions.

iPhone 7: Rumored Specs

If rumors prove to be right, the upcoming iPhone 7 device will offer a longer battery life and a high definition screen resolution. In addition, the smartphone will be released in a few variants of internal memories, and the lowest capacity will be 32GB.

There is still a long time until September 2016, which means that more rumors about this device will surface on the internet. We will keep you updated with everything we hear about this upcoming device.

What are your thoughts about the iPhone 7 device? Will you purchase it once it will be released?