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Being compatible with one of the first devices as well as any upcoming one, Google Play is one of the only applications which needs to function properly if any Android device has any hope of staying up to date.

Responsible for distributing updates as well as for finding new applications to spend your free time, Google’s Play Store is home to millions of applications backed up by talented developers from across the world, each of whom is more than interested in hearing your ideas for their next big app.

Google Play

Providing all the information necessary to users who’re looking forward to installing an application for their Android devices, Google Play offers developers a place to find users who might be interested in their apps, from the simplest of tools such as a flashlight to hardcore games which may need the latest flagship devices to even run properly and recently, Google has done a great job of keeping all the applications in check.

The Google Play app isn’t updated much unless it’s to fix some bugs, glitches or perhaps a security breach that might have been possible, Google has been doing a splendid job at keeping everything secure and they’ve given us no reason to believe otherwise.

After all, they hold one of the largest information data centers on the planet, they have to be thorough as far as security is concerned. The Google Play update to v6.1.14 brings nothing more than some bug fixes and compatibility issues that were resolved.

Why are updates important?

You might be asking why updates for Google Play are important at all, after all, the app doesn’t change much in functionality, all it has to do is download the latest APK file from Google’s servers and install it, and you’re correct, that’s mostly what Google Play does but that’s definitely not all that it’s responsible for.

Google Play also holds your personal information, the reviews that you do for apps while also providing you the ability to purchase applications or in-app purchases for games or tools and like anything which involves the exchange of money or personal information, the application has to be kept as secure as possible at all times.

A single zero-day security vulnerability can prove to be devastating as far as Google is concerned, they’re not interested in taking any risks and that’s a good thing.

Piracy is another major issue that Google has been dealing with, even though Google Play is capable of recognizing pirated applications, it’s still unable to act if its permissions to do so are revoked, which is entirely possible if your phone is rooted, on the other hand, other third party app stores are also available which have their own listings of applications, some of which can’t be found on the Google Play Store for violating certain terms & conditions of the developer license.

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