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News and leaks about the awaited Clash of Clans March 2016 grand update has not died down and Supercell said that it is cooking up a big surprise to players of COC with no specifics just yet, just speculations. It was earlier this year that the Helsinki-based game developer made the announcement and considering the $924 million earnings from the in-app purchases made by COC players, Supercell is focused to offer more.

Leaks on the new troop update being Musketeer was already dispelled but no one really has a clue if this will not be for real, not until the update is released. An update on the Queen Walk might also be in the works, according to some information extracted from the game files.

Also referred to as Superqueen the Queen Walk is making waves as it gains more power these days, particularly if there are more than 30+ Heroes. Additionaly, a possible nerf for the Queen Walk is also speculated days ago along with Rocketeer wherein stacked healing from Multiple Healers will be reduced.

Rumors about the the quality of life changes also came up with Revenges not only giving out league bonuses but with it being added to the Daily Star Bonus. If this pushes through, more gamers will be on their toes to stay connected and keep the battles going.

A staff from Supercell also shed some light on the ongoing leaks on the update. An official statement was made assuring the public that an update will be released but what it includes is not yet final. Although Supercell appreciates the hype and attention, it does not encourage gamers to believe everything they read on the internet. What they assured, though, was that if balance is needed, they will deliver it.

The staff was referring to the Queen and Healer balance. Despite the rumors about the nerf, nothing is confirmed as of this time since it can either be a one or a buff, instead. What is definite is that Supercell is taking action about these issues.

As for improvement speculations on Clan Wars matchmaking, the COC dev team released some information on the defense and war base optimization. Changes include factoring defensive progress into every calculation to keep the alignment of War Bases in lane. Moreover, these calculations have been rebalanced to indicate village progress.

Meanwhile, the Sneak Peeks update was supposed to have this started this week but Supercell made another announcement that the dev team is still working on it, polishing on the update to ensure good becomes better. YouTubers are going to Helsinki to cover some new stuff so until then, gamers can just chill from hitting their refresh buttons.

While the COC dev team say there is really no assurance of 100% matchmaking, work on tweaks, no matter how small they may be, have been done and will never be done. This is despite sytem-revamos being rare.

Meanwhile, Supercell also announced that the $924 in profits in 2015 was from their $2.3 billion revenue and the game Clash of Clans, being one of the reasons behind the success. Clash of Clans was launched in 2012 and got the No1. or No. 2 rankings in 2015.