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Last year, Sony unveiled a new camera dubbed HX90V. This device happened to be the company’s smallest ever camera boasting a 30x zoom.

Now that the company is working on releasing a new and even much smaller camera in the shape of HX80, it even makes it harder for consumers to pick which one really is the best for their day to day use. Nonetheless, at some point one has to pick either device.

With the new HX80 camera, there is no doubt that Sony has an eye on the future. Most people love taking their gadgets along with them to wherever they go. We have seen the world change with the introduction of smartphones. People no longer rely heavily on laptops and PCs as they used to thanks to the power that these mobile devices bring to the table. The new Cyber-Shot DSC-HX80 is definitely meant for this mobile world.

Smaller than last year’s HX90V

As mentioned at the beginning, Sony unveiled the then smallest camera in the world with 30x optical zoom lens – the HX90V – about a year ago. The new HX80 camera will, however, break the company’s own record and become the world’s smallest camera, taking over the title from the HX90V. Well, this just took the company a single year to achieve – it remains to be a mystery what the company can achieve in a few years to come, especially given its known prowess as far as photography is concerned.

Looking at the HX80’s specs, there are lots of similarities with last year’s release, with the design language leading the way. You will also come across a similar 18.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor found on its predecessor, the long 30x zoom lens, 180-degree 3” LCD, retractable OLED electronic viewfinder, Wi-Fi/NFC, pop-up flash as well as ability to capture 1080p videos. However, you won’t get the GPS feature on the latest camera.

Pricing and availability

The new Sony HX80 will start selling as from next month for a price of $350. When compared to what the HX90V launched at, this year’s model, despite being smaller, is also cheaper. Unless Sony wants to market the HX90V as the “GPS variant,” it might be easy for the new HX80 to take over reigns given its decent pricing when compared to its older counterpart. With the range of features available on the new camera, Sony might just have found a new gadget that will shake up its current line of cameras.