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WhatsApp is texters’ favorite application, and this can be confirmed by the huge number of active users – over 1 billion, who are checking their accounts everyday and send messages to their friends. In these messages, they can include images, videos and audio recordings, but not more than 16MB. This is a bit frustrating, because not all the users are rooting their Android devices and editing the specific xml file, which will make sure that the mod works properly. So, the only solution is to install an application that will compress audio or video files and make them smaller.


For this version, you will need the Video Converter Android, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it’s a free application. After downloading it, open the application and wait until it will robotically scan all the video files from your internal memory or SD card, then select which file you want to be compressed/optimized and even choose to convert from Mp4 to .3Gp. The big advantage of this application is that after it compresses the file, the person who will receive it won’t see any reduction in quality.

Windows Phone

If you’re using a phone running on this OS, you’ll need WhatsApp Video Optimizer, which will convert many videos at one time and it will convert or record a file within the WhatsApp application. Likewise in the case of the Video Converter Android app, you will choose the files that will be optimized and they will not lose their quality.


The application that you’ll need for this operating system is WhatsApp Video Converter, which can be downloaded from the iTunes. After installing it, open it and add the larger files that need to be converted. That’s it.

Another way to transfer or share large files is by uploading them to a cloud service and copying the download link, then send it to your friend/s. Dropbox is a reliable service and a Basic account will offer 2GB of free space.