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Pokémon GO is the upcoming augmented reality mobile game from Niantic and Nintendo which mixes Pokemon with the real world. The game is being developed by Niantic and works by placing “Pokemon” into the real world depending on their type, players will encounter them as they travel and will also be able to train and capture their own Pokemon.

The game has no official release date but fans are speculating the game will be released around a holiday period either in the Summer or in the Winter. What has been confirmed however is a Field Test for the game which was revealed at the start of the month.

There was due to be a detailed look at Pokémon GO at GDG however this was cancelled much to the upset of fans; it was revealed then by Niantic that the talk had been cancelled in order to get the product ready for it’s beta test and eventually launch.

Currently, the field test is exclusive to Japan however it was mentioned that more tests in other market areas is a possibility which is good news for Pokemon fans. The field test is due to begin late this month, according to the sign up information on the Japanese website the dates for it can change without notice.

The English translation of the text on the Japanese website reveals that the content in the game will be “confidential information of the only participants “. Unfortunately then, the questions fans have been asking since it’s reveal will still not be answered officially. Some fans outside of Japan are expecting there to be information leaks from the field test despite the confidential requirements it uses.

Android and iOS devices have also been confirmed for the test; version 4.3 and higher for Android are being supported and for iOS the game is for iPhone 5 or newer models. While the devices are mentioned, the entry form also mentions that there is “no guarantee” the game will run on the device.

Pokémon GO will be officially released later this year for Android and iOS mobile devices; there is no official release date and there should be a beta test coming to other regions at a later date.

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