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If you own an iPhone, your friends who also use the same device can now rate your characters in three main areas. However, this requires both parties to download and install an application known as Peeple for iOS.

Using this app, other people can easily leave ratings about others as well as include detailed descriptions regarding their Personal, Professional and Dating life. But the question here is are you ready for someone else to review you?

This is the first application to come to the App Store with such an offering. In fact, the developer acknowledges that Peeple app is the first of its kind in the digital world. The developer also adds that their desire is for character to become a new form of currency. With the newly launched Peeple, the developer promises users that they will have found a new place where they can easily manage their online reputation while at the same time protecting your greatest assets through better-decision making with respect to your surroundings.

Yelp for People

Peeple was unveiled last September and there is no doubt that it’s a decent application. However, the world has changed and not everyone feels safe when online. Today, cyberbullying has become a common thing and despite Peep claiming that this application provides users with room to showcase their abilities in detail, it is a bit of a concern as the app could easily transform into a place where unfair and uncomplimentary criticisms could be published. Such negative ratings and comments might result in negative impacts on users’ lives, something the developer would not want to see occur.

Using Peeple, your boss can say a few things about you and give you a rating. These recommendations and ratings can be shared across social media platforms as well as through emails and SMS. It is also possible for other people using Peeple to “like” your profile. What this means is that in case of any negative review on your profile, it can easily be shared by any other Peeple user through the various available social networking platforms.

Security controls

As if the company saw this coming, the Peeple app is already equipped with some security and privacy measures to help you stay safe on the platform. For starters, you must join Peeple in order to be reviewed or review others. In addition, it is upon you to determine whether your reviews can be shared publicly. This means that whenever someone tries to share any negative thing about you with the public, you will still be able to stop it before it is successfully posted to other platforms.

The developer also says that the app comes pre-equipped with rules that ban any content related to bullying, sexual references and any other form of offensive comments. If found you will be banned from using the app.

Peeple is available for free download via the iTunes App Store. It is yet to come to Android, but users can expect it before the end of this year. At the moment, it is a bit hard to say how this app will perform in the market, especially given that it has some good in it just as much as it has some bad in it. Only time will tell.