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The OnePlus One was released in June 2014 and the manufacturer has announced that the latest Android Marshmallow update will be released in the first quarter of 2016 for this device. We’re already in March and there’s still no word from OnePlus, so if you don’t have enough patience until the firmware will be available for your phone, then you can install a custom ROM. Dirty Unicorns is one of the developer communities that have released an Android Marshmallow-based firmware and we’ll teach you how to install it on your OnePlus One.

First of all, your phone must be rooted (Bootloader unlocked) and you’ll need to install a USB driver on your PC, because it won’t recognize your phone when you’ll connect it. Also, the battery of your phone must be charged at 80 percent, because otherwise, it might shut down during the installation process and you will brick it.

Here are the steps you’ll take in order to install Dirty Unicorns Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow custom ROM on your OnePlus One:

– Get the Dirty Unicorns Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow custom ROM and Google Apps from the internet (they will be downloaded to your PC);

– Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cord;

– Copy and paste Android Marshmallow custom ROM and the Google Apps .zip files to your phone’s storage memory, in the same storage root folder;

– Turn off the phone and unplug it from the computer;

– Enter the Recovery Mode by press holding Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time;

– Clear the memory by selecting “wipe data/factory reset”;

– Clear the cache memory by selecting “wipe cache partition”;

– Go back to ClockworkMod recovery, tap on “Advanced”, then on “wipe dalvik cache”;

– Return to the main recovery screen and choose “install zip from SD card”;

– Select “choose zip from sdcard” and find the Android M ROM .zip file on your SD card, tap on it to start the installation process and repeat the steps for Google Apps;

– Finally, after the installation completes, go to +++++Go Back+++++ and restart your phone by tapping on “reboot system now”.

It will take a few minutes until the booting process will complete, then you’ll head to Settings and select “About phone” to confirm the installation of the custom ROM.

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