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As far as jail breaking your iPhone goes, people who had quickly updated to the latest iOS version were out of luck for quite a while and were instructed to not update their devices any further, to wait until there were well tested Jailbreak methods available for iOS v9.2 and iOS v9.2.1.

So if you’re one of the few people who were really interested in using the latest features but were waiting for the jailbreak announcements, consider your patience rewarded because some of the first well-tested Jailbreak methods for these two versions have made their way across the globe.

Jailbreaks for iOS v9.2 and v9.2.1

There’s many reasons for jailbreak attempts to have taken this long and we’re not going to go into them at this time, the only piece of information that you need to know is that your long wait is finally over as some of the best jailbreak authorities across the world are talking about these few tools and methods.

What Jailbreaking is

As for what jailbreaking your phone actually accomplishes, you might have heard that it’s similar to rooting your Android phone, well this is a common misconception as both of these are completely different processes and unlock two different aspects of the phone.

Android phones are based on the Linux kernel and therefore the root user, more commonly known as the superuser is capable of performing tasks that a normal user wouldn’t be able to, the superuser has all sorts of permissions, ranging from the ability to change the core operating system of Android devices along with its core functionalities, so long as the user has the technical experience and expertise to do so, he can wipe everything from an Android device and use its hardware for his own personal reasons.

iOS devices are different, jailbreaking an iOS device doesn’t do much in terms of changing the operating system in any way nor does it give you the ability to change core features of your iPhone, it simply lifts the various locks that Apple has put in to stop third party applications and services from being installed, these are all those applications which weren’t allowed to be on the iTunes App Store because of their ineligibility, Android phones already allow third party applications to be installed by default.

So where are these jailbreak tutorials?

Well you need to look no further than the ever-famous Pangu, even though their main tool is still incompatible with iOS v9.2 and v9.2.1, they’ve got a wide list of tutorials available for doing so by using other tools.

You can find their tutorials for v9.2 over here and the ones on v9.2.1 over here.

Do remember that jailbreaking your phone can and often does lead to devices which are considered dead or unusable, bricking iPhones is a much harder task as there are ways to recover your iOS devices from the deepest of graves, so long as you know what you’re doing, so do take this as a mini-warning of sorts, double check what you’re doing and don’t rush through the process.

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