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Quite a number of rumors and leaks have been doing rounds as many across the globe expect the Huawei P9 smartphone to be unveiled.

However, the better part of the news now comes from popular leaker Evan Blass who goes by the Twitter handle @evleaks. According to Blass, the company is planning to unveil the new Huawei P9 this coming month on Wednesday 6th. The company is still to say a word regarding this speculation, but given Blass’ track record as far as smartphone predictions are concerned, this date might be of significance.

Huawei P9 specifications and features

If all remains true, the upcoming Huawei P9 flagship will be equipped with a decent 5.2-inch display screen with a screen resolution of 1080p. However, the device will not feature the popular Snapdragon family of chipsets; instead, Huawei will stick with Kirin 950 CPU and a Mali-T880 GPU. Unlike many of this year’s flagships that come with a RAM of 4GB, the Huawei P9 will only carry 3GB, which is still decent for power users and gamers.

As far as the storage is concerned, expect to get 32GB of onboard storage, but with room to expand using a microSD card. Huawei will install a powerful 3,900mAh battery unit in this handset. Smartphone photography has grown into a very sensitive aspect when it comes to choosing these devices. With the high-end models such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 proving to be a little costlier for some users, the Huawei P9’s 12MP dual-rear camera built with Leica-made lenses will just suffice all of your camera needs.

Although nothing has yet to be confirmed, the latest reports claim that Huawei will be rolling out several variants of the P9. If all is true, then we’ll get to see a regular Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Lite, Huawei P9 Max and maybe another Enhanced edition of the same phone.

Huawei recently announced that it is now targeting the U.S. market. There is no doubt that this device will find its way to the U.S. and maybe, it is the device the company is banking on to boost its sales in 2016. The company, which sits third in the world when it comes to smartphone sales, wants to take the place of market leaders Samsung and Apple, but this might take the company some time.

Huawei is planning to launch a partnership with any one U.S. carrier before this year ends, something that will boost its mission of breaking into the most sought-after smartphone market in the world. As of now, there are no finer details regarding the pricing of the Huawei P9, but we’ll keep you updated.