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Users of Google Photos for iOS will be glad to learn that the application that lets them back up, organize as well as search across multiple videos and photos has unveiled a significant update for the Apple-owned platform.

In a new update, the photo application now supports Apple’s Live Photos, which was introduced with iOS 9 alongside last year’s flagships – iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. With this new update, it means iPhone and iPad users of Google Photos will now be able to store, view as well as organize their Live Photos from within this Google-based application. There is nothing to worry about as far as deleting photos from your phone’s camera roll is concerned, because this ability will still stand even after they are deleted.

When iOS 9 and iPhone 6S came to life, they brought along with them a feature known as 3D Touch. Users of last year’s iPhones can be able to hard press on an image and see it animate via the Photo Gallery. However, the new update on Google Photos means that once Live Photos are uploaded, you can now use 3D Touch to execute the same actions as before, right from within the app. However, downloading the Live Photo from the photo app and back to your iPhone 6S will rid the photo off its animation. In case the backed-up Live Photo is saved to your phone’s camera roll, it will retain its animation capabilities when in the Apple Photos app.

To help you differentiate the Live Photos and usual static images, the Google Photos app adds a “Live Photo” icon right at the top of the screen.

Google Photos for iOS update also brings new app navigation

In addition to adding support for Live Photos, the new version of Google Photos for iOS also comes in with new app navigation the company claims will save you lots of time as there is no more “flipping hamburger menus.” Furthermore, the new version will also cut down on the app’s cache usage whenever your iPhone starts running low on space.

Google is now the only major company to show its love for Apple’s Live Photos. Ever since its unveiling, other major names in the tech industry such as Facebook and Tumblr have added their support for this feature. With Google joining in, it means big for iOS users as their Live Photos can now reach a wider audience.

The new version of Google Photos for iOS can now be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free.