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It is known that Apple doesn’t equip its devices with large batteries because it relies on its operating system’s capabilities, which is more memory efficient than Android, and the screen resolution is lower than on the phones/tablets built by other rival companies. But, the users are still unhappy with how much their iPhones and iPads are lasting and want to know how they can extend the battery life on their devices. Well, we have some suggestions for them.

Install The Latest Update

Each fall, Apple is releasing a new version of its iOS for iPhones and iPads and OS X for Mac is also being updated. More recently, the American giant company made its debut with a smartwatch running on watchOS and every once in a while, this platform receives updates as well. It’s important to install updates whenever they are available for Apple’s iDevices, because they come with performance improvements and they’re contributing to the extension of the battery life.

Don’t Leave The Device Near A Hot Object

If it’s winter, don’t put the device near a radiator, when you’re cooking, don’t put the phone next to a pot boiling on the stove, and never expose your iPhone or iPad to temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Remove The Case When The Device Is Charging

The style case of the device must be removed when charging it, because it generates too much heat and it affects the battery capacity.

Optimize The Settings

The battery life can be optimized by adjusting the screen brightness (enable the auto-brightness), and connecting to a wireless network instead of using a cellular network. If you own a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, it’s indicated to turn off WiFi when not using the laptop, because it eats up too much power.

Activate The Low Power Mode

This feature is available in iOS 9 and it comes into action when the battery reaches 20 percent and 10 percent and you need to keep the juice for as long as possible (maybe you’re waiting for an important phone call and there’s no way you can charge the device). The Low Power Mode can be activated by going to Settings > Battery.

Other Features And Services That Must Be Disabled

– App auto-refresh – in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

– Location Services – in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

– Push notifications on a particular application – in Settings > Notifications.

– Bluetooth or GPS.