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Bethesda has been quiet about the next Elder Scrolls game and it’s not even known if the developer is currently working on this project. However, there are reports saying that Bethesda will attend the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo event and will offer more information about the Elder Scrolls 6 / Skyrim 2 game.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will kick off on June 12 and Bethesda already announced on its Twitter account that will participate in this conference. The only announcement that the developer could make is related to the new installment of the Elder Scrolls franchise. The fans are hoping that the company will finally break the ice and give details about this game, as an image referring to Elder Scrolls (and Fallout) has been included in Bethesda’s post on Twitter.

There are many speculations and all of them are suggesting that Bethesda’s participation at the E3 event has got to do with the Elder Scrolls series. The fifth installment, named “Skyrim”, was released back in 2011, and the players started getting bored of the game and want to have fun with the next sequel. Last year, Vice President Pete Hines told The Telegraph that “We’re not the sort of publisher that focuses on <<what’s our 25 titles for 2015>>”, and he added that “We do smaller stuff, we don’t publish to scale, we try to publish to quality. Make sure everything we do is noteworthy”.

There are low chances that Bethesda will follow its five years release pattern, but it would be nice if the developer would put an end to speculations about the release date of Elder Scrolls 6. It’s very frustrating to wait for official statements and to not get any. We understand that Bethesda is currently enjoying the success of Fallout 4 and it’s focusing on developing post-release content, but it’s important to not neglect the fans of the other series. If the rumors will prove to be right, then the developers are putting Skyrim 2 on hold, and this will disappoint many fans who want to buy the game.