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Whether you’re interested in it because of your profession or simply consider it your hobby, Google Earth provides us with a service which was considered impossible until it was finally made public, gathering up aerial images from various sources and placing them on top of a sphere inside your monitor, Google Earth does more than simply render a digital globe in your PC.

Google Earth lets you have a bird’s eye view on pretty much everything that’s interesting on this planet, from famous landmarks to geographical locations, Google Earth has enough content for you to be mesmerized with for hours.

Google Earth

It allows you to zoom into this globe and browse through the various images that were taken over the course of several years, you’re able to see entire cities develop and the geography change in various areas across the world after natural disasters, you’re able to browse back in time (provided that images were taken in the past of the area you’re viewing), by default you’re provided with the most up-to-date images.

Google Earth is used by professionals across the world for various purposes, whether it’s to do large scale land surveys or just to see how long the electrical cables will need to be to connect a city to the national power grid, the diverse list of tasks that are made simple due to an application as simple as Google Earth has ended the need for employees to be deployed on the field for simple jobs such as measuring distances and areas.

Downloading and Installing Google Earth

Google Earth is available on pretty much every operating system out there, whether you’re using a Mac a Windows based computer, or maybe you’re more of a Linux person, there’s no need to worry because Google Earth is available for all of the above.

Simply search for Google Earth via any search engine or go to this link and follow the instructions you’re provided with.

As for mobile devices, Google Earth is supported on both Android based devices as well as iOS ones, for Android users it can be directly downloaded from the PlayStore (here’s a link) and iOS users can get it from the iTunes store (link).

Google Earth Pro

For some additional features as well as the permission to use the software for commercial purposes, Google Earth Pro brings a few extra perks to the table.

From the ability to mass-import addresses to a higher resolution printing option, Google Earth Pro also lets its users make complete HD videos from the movie maker which comes with it, as for the price tag, it used to be $399 per year but it’s been quite a while since that price tag was removed..

Yes, Google Earth Pro is now completely free to use and it can be acquired by downloading it from this link, when the software asks for your license key simply type in GEPFREE and enjoy all the benefits of Google Earth Pro, free of charge.