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Owners of smartphones from across the world are accustomed to one instant messaging service or another, what started as a market full of a diverse list of applications has finally boiled down to just a few names which can be seen on everyone’s smartphone.

WhatsApp is one of these, quite possibly one of the first application that anyone installs on their freshly bought devices, WhatsApp is an instant messaging service which has completely replaced traditional text messaging due to its immense list of features, the key ones being the ability to transfer files and media as well as the ability to have group conversations.


All these features however can easily be found on other applications, so what made WhatsApp so successful? Well, just like a social network, you’re much more likely to use one which all of your friends use as well. As more and more people made the switch over to WhatsApp from services like Viber, whether it was for the better privacy features and options or just the simpler design, WhatsApp started becoming one of the only alternative out there.

With your account now synchronized and your data being saved locally as well as on the cloud, you no longer have to worry about losing all your text messages, if you wish to archive a chat for later you have the option to do so, you also have the option to simply email the entire conversation; along with all the media files to yourself, essentially keeping a permanent record of the data.

Installing WhatsApp

As far as installing WhatsApp is concerned however, you’re not going to have much trouble at all.

Compatible with pretty much every smartphone released for quite a few years, WhatsApp isn’t just popular because of its features but also because of its versatility, used on all major operating systems, whether it be BlackBerry, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, WhatsApp is available directly from their respective app stores.

iOS users can download WhatsApp from over here, whereas users of Android can get it directly from the Google Play Store, if however, for some reason, you’re unable to get WhatsApp from the Play Store, simply download the latest APK from over here and install it directly (one of the many perks of Android) and fear not, fellow Windows users, we haven’t forgotten you, simply download WhatsApp through the Store on your phone, here’s a link to save you some time.

The Latest Features

With over a billion people using WhatsApp, the app recently went completely free-to-use, getting rid of its small annual fee which was already waived in certain geographical areas where the majority of people were unable to do online transactions.

With recent updates, people are now able to transfer PDF documents to each other while we’re also hoping for group call functionality to be added, WhatsApp has come a long way over the past few years and we can surely expect it to deliver as time goes on.