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The Android N developer preview was released a few days ago and everyone rushed to enroll in the Android Beta Program and test out the upcoming features of Google’s next operating system. The good news is that those who flash the system image are able to receive OTAs.

There are two ways to get Android N on your device: by flashing the system image or by joining the beta program. If you’re part of the Android Beta Program, you’re receiving updates every time Google releases a new build of the preview. But if you’ve already manually flashed your device and want to get OTA updates, you’ll still need to enroll your phone in the Beta Program. This was confirmed by Google’s Dave Burke, on the developer site.

You should know that the Android N will add partial support for over 100 new languages and there will be 25 variants for each common used language such as English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Some of the new features that will be introduced in Android N (7.0) will be multi-window support, which was an experimental feature in Marshmallow, and which will allow the users to run two applications on the screen, at the same time, side by side. The users will be able to resize the windows by dragging the driver between them. Notifications have been redesigned and now, they include template updates, direct reply, custom view etc.

Doze has been revamped and this mode will kick in even if the user will have his phone in his pocket and the screen will turn on when it’s being touched. Doze will kick in and restrict network access the moment the screen is turned off and the device is put in the pocket.

Project Svelte will try to optimize the way applications will run in the background, by keeping an eye on those that consume too much RAM and affect the system performance. Another useful feature will allow users to block numbers, and it will be applied to the default phone app, messaging app and third-party provider applications. Also, the user interface for system Settings has been redesigned and now it has a hamburger button on the left side of the screen which will be used for quickly accessing a different option without going back to the main menu.