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Adobe is continuously working on fixing all the security issues that its Flash Player has. The new Adobe Flash Player is very important and we suggest you to download and install it right away, as it is patching around 23 security issues in Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS.

According to Adobe, the exploit CVE-2016-1010 is already being used by the hackers, but not many systems have been exploited by the hackers while using this exploit. We remind you that in July 2015, Adobe Flash Player was patched right after a Hacking Team breach left the program vulnerable to attacks. Soon enough, Mozilla has blocked all versions of Flash versions in Firefox “by default”, until Adobe has released a more stable version of its Flash Player.

A few months later, in December 2015, Facebook has decided to ditch Adobe’s Flash Player in favor of HTML5, which is a way more secure framework. At the same time, other big companies such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and more, have made the same thing.

We remind you that Google has teamed up with Adobe and decided to intelligently pause non-essential Flash content to extend the life of laptop’s batteries. However, the big search engine company has recently announced that it now has its own player for displaying ads and it will go 100% HTML5.

Whether we like it or not, it is just a matter of time until Adobe’s Flash Player will die. Adobe is planning to rename the Flash Professional CC program to Animate CC, which is expected to be released sometime this year. Even if Adobe is desperately trying to keep its users, it’s pretty hard to do it, as more and more companies are moving to HTML5.

What are your thoughts about HTML5? Do you think that it is more secure than the Adobe Flash Player?

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