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If you still haven’t downloaded the latest version of the Google Play Store, here’s a quick guide on how to do it. Why do you need the Google Play Store 6.1.14 download? The most important reason is you need to have the latest version to ensure you enjoy Google Play services and products without any hitches. Google continues to work on fixing bugs and other problems Android users experience when using the Google Play app, and each updated version provides a solution to some particular glitches. So, if you don’t want your Google Play Store to keep on crashing, better get the 6.1.14 Download now.

What if you’ve already downloaded it and you still have problems? You can try any of the following solutions.

  1. Empty the Google Play Store cache. Go to Settings > Apps. Choose All > Google Play Store. Select Clear cache.
  1. Delete your Google Play Store data. NOTE: This will clear all your saved information and will reset the app, but it will hopefully also get rid of the glitch in the process. If you’re okay to try this then go to Settings > Apps> Google Play Store> and choose Clear data.
  1. Clear data and cache on Google Play Services. Since Play Services allows apps to communicate with different parts of your Android device, the problem could be coming from there. So it would be worth it to try clearing its cache and data. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play services> and select Clear cache or Clear data.
  1. Install the latest Google Play Services version. As mentioned above, getting the most recent Google Play updates is highly advisable to ensure you have the most stable version.
  1. Reset your Google account on your phone. Remove your account and add it again. NOTE: This is another drastic solution, so use it as a last resort step.
  1. Perform a factory data reset on your Android device. IMPORTANT NOTE: This will delete all your data, so you must perform a complete backup before resetting. To perform a backup, go to Settings > Backup & reset. Make sure the Back up my data slider is on. Select Back up account then choose the account you want to save your backup data on. After all of your data has been backed up, go to Settings > Back up & reset > and choose Factory data reset. One it’s been reset, your phone will be good as good as new. Log back in to your Google account to restore your data.

So there you go, a couple of handy tricks in case your Google Play app acts up. It can be a bit of an inconvenience to keep on clearing your cache or data, but it’s worth giving these solutions a try if it means you can continue enjoying all the perks of having Google Play Store. Besides, wouldn’t it be more of a disadvantage if you couldn’t download and enjoy all the movies, books, games, and other helpful apps that Google Play offers?

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