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Five months have passed since the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but Google has already dropped a developer version of the upcoming software and presented some of the features that will be added to Android 7.0. Its final name hasn’t been set yet, but most likely, it will be chosen though a poll where the fans will submit names of “sweets” and vote for their favorite. So, check out the changes that Android 7.0 will come with.

Android N will be officially released in the third quarter of 2016. The developer version of N, which has been installed on a Nexus 6P, has responded fast and worked surprisingly well with third party applications, there were no crashes and it really leave a good impression.

Split-screen Apps

This is one of the biggest features that will be added to Android N, and Samsung already introduced it on its devices, but it didn’t make all users very pleased with it. In Google’s upcoming OS, when tapping the bottom-right Task Manager button, all applications that are running will be shown and in order to run two applications on the screen, at the same time you will tap and hold the first app that you want to split, drag it to the top and fill the bottom half with another application. The size of the split screens can be adjusted by tapping and dragging that black bar between the applications. In order to exit the split-screen mode, you will just swipe up on the black bar.


Currently, notifications are displayed as colored rectangles and you will dismiss them with a swipe or by tapping on them. In the next operating system, notifications will be more functional and will fill the width of the screen. However, Google might change the way they will appear until the release of Android N. The good news is that you will get additional actions when pulling down on a notification bundle and expand it.

Doze Will Be Improved

This mode will extend your battery life by putting applications to sleep when your phone has the screen turned off. In Android N, this feature will be improved and it will allow you to suspend activities even if the phone isn’t stationary, but its screen is off. This change will be useful when you’ll have your phone in your pocket and Doze doesn’t kick in because it thinks your phone is in use. If Doze will be updated, the feature will be more efficient and will improve your battery life.

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