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As you may have heard HTML5 is on the rise, and it appears Adobe Flash may soon be a thing of the past. Even Apple has said Flash has poor performance, security issues, a lack of touch support, and so many other problems. While Adobe Flash Player may be an older, outdated technology to be soon retired in favor of other, better updates, it still does contain some helpful attributes to the world of technology that keep it around.

  1. Video content delivery

Similar to a PDF format, Flash provides a consistent experience regardless of what type of device or resolution you’re using. Simply by having a support for Flash, you can easily play any videos or music without any problems whatsoever. HTML5 may provide a modern alternative, but unlike Flash, everyone is not able to utilize them.

  1. Digital rights management (DRM)

Because HTML5 exposes the delivered content to the end user, it is much more difficult to protect. However, with Flash Media Server and its built-in DRM functionality, you can stream any content you could want. Flash eliminates exposed URL and allows users to completely control what is being shared with others. Plus, it even makes sure no data is cached on the disk and eliminates the possibility of capturing Flash progressive download and save it.

  1. Ad creation

You know those pesky ads that always seem to pop up whenever your ad-blocker is turned off? Those annoying ads and banners are all created using animations, sounds, and interactive slides curtesy of Flash. Yes, you can create ads using multiple technologies, but only Flash allows them to easily track the number of clicks as well. Hence, major ad networks and advertisers everywhere use the software to continue promoting.

  1. Keeping businesses going

Especially when it comes to the business sector, many use outdated proprietary software solutions just to get through the day. The truth is that upgrades take time some businesses just don’t have, not to mention funding, which is exactly why so many companies stick with specific software even after new innovations have been released.

  1. Gaming

When it comes to beginning game design, Flash delivers quick results, is universally deployable, and comes with its own widely used programming language. HTML5 may have made major developments recently in this department, especially when it comes to mobile devices, but the weight of the existing legacy, capability, stability, and predictability, Flash still stands strong in this arena.

Because there are still areas where Flash is heavily relied upon, it continues to be a reliable program, at least until the something bigger and better comes along, as is common in the world of technology. That day, however, is not here yet.