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You heard the news that the Marshmallow update for Samsung S5, S4, and Note 4 devices are expected to happen by the second quarter of this year (hopefully). That’s just a few more weeks away, so the wait is almost over. However, with the revelation of Google’s Android N version, smartphone manufacturers and users will have to deal with another round of waiting so their devices can catch up with the latest software update again.

This is even sadder for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S4, and S5 users who have not yet even updated to the Marshmallow 6.0 release despite it’s official release in October last year. Samsung has released the Marshmallow 6.0.1 update to the Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 in South Korea. The technology giant has not yet rolled it out in other countries.

Of course it is not entirely Samsung’s fault that the Galaxy Note 4, S4, and S5 have not received Marshmallow 6.0 updates yet. When Google and Android phone makers release a new software, carriers still need to test and certify it at their end. And it is only after the testing and certifying are done that they can roll it out to locked handsets. But this still doesn’t excuse Samsung for having a pretty messed up update policy that further delays any necessary software upgrades.

Everyone was hoping the Marshmallow updates would happen before Google released Android N. But it’s too late for that now as Google has already unveiled Android N. Everyone was surprised as the unveiling happened a couple of months earlier than expected. Most people were betting that Android N would be revealed during the Google I/O developer conference in May. The developer preview has received positive reviews so far. The updated preview is expected to be available from May 18 but the full release is said to be set for autumn.

The Android N beta version has revealed quite a lot of tweaks and updates. For example, the new system supports inline replies so users can quickly respond to an SMS or text message directly within the notification interface. You will also be able to group messages together and display the group. You can then take action, such as ‘Archive’ or ‘Dismiss’. Multiple notifications from the same app are now bundled together on your screen so it is less cluttered. You can expand them using a two-finger gesture or by tapping the new expansion button to view an individual message. Another cool update is the ability to run two apps or activities simultaneously, similar to the iOS 9 Split View for iPad and Samsung and LG’s multi-tasking features. This means you can browse the web while you message friends. A picture-in-picture mode also allows you to minimize activities while watching TV, or watching videos while running other apps.

With all the great tweaks found in Android N it seems to be an update worth waiting for. Samsung users can just hope that the South Korean company’s update policy and process will improve in time for the release of the final version of Android N.