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When it comes to smartphones, everyone knows Apple as one of the leading manufacturers. Apple has been in business creating some the best smartphones and they’re not going to call it quits any time soon.

iPhones are known for their robust design, luxurious feel, responsiveness, and overall ease of use. If you’re looking for a phone that won’t randomly act up or break, these are the phones for you.

But the real question on everyone’s minds: Is it worth it to buy the newest version, or is waiting for the next version the better choice? The truth is that no one wants to waste their money on a new iPhone only to have another, newer version come out just a few months later.

Because iPhones are usually released around September, there are still quite a few months before your device will be coined outdated. Even if all iPhones seem pretty similar, the major differences are found within each generation (iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 5). This ultimately leads to some people waiting for their releases to stay updated in the major ways.

But the question remains, is it worth it to buy an iPhone 6s? Simply because there are no advancements set in place just yet, the next iPhone may not even be iPhone 7. Instead, it is possible Apple will instead decide to release another upgrade on the iPhone 6 series, in which case the advancements may not be significant enough to wait so long.

The features that are expected to come from the iPhone 7, however, are expected to be pretty awesome. There is speculation that Apple may soon attempt a waterproof phone as other manufacturers have in recent years, or that they may reduce the size of the phone even more. Either way, Apple is committed to ensuring their devices are the most luxurious on the market, so reducing the physical dimensions and weight may just be the easiest way to accomplish that goal. There are also rumors about the home button being removed, OLED screen display instead of LCD, and even improved processing and battery life.

Whether or not the new iPhone 7 is worth the wait ultimately is up to you. However, since there has been no announcement yet regarding the iPhone 7, there probably won’t be anytime soon. So if you have a functioning iPhone, the wait may be worth it. If your phone isn’t behaving, you may want to go ahead and upgrade. Again, this depends on the model you currently own. For instance, if you have an iPhone 5, upgrading to the 6s would be worth it.

Either way, you won’t regret your iPhone purchase in the slightest because Apple never exactly has a bad release. With all that is expected from Apple, the new iPhone 7 seems to be well worth the wait.