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The instant messaging geniuses at WhatsApp have been pretty busy improving the app continuously. They want to make sure all glitches are fixed and that users consistently have a good or even a better experience. So it’s no surprise if they release daily updates just to improve the speed and stability of the app. They have recently given WhatsApp APK support for end-to-end encryption notification and PDF file sharing. You can read more about those updates in this article.

With the WhatsApp 2.12.512 APK download (build 450997) it is now the Settings that are revamped. It is 27.28 MB in size and it is compatible with all Android 2.1+ devices. One of the upgrades is the new Settings screen, which has a new layout, better icons, and smoother animations. Another tweak is you can change your profile photo and name details with more ease. When selecting the settings option, your picture, name, and number are shown at the top of the page. When pressing on the photo options, other menus are drawn up allowing you to change your phone number and status details. Also, when you press the status option, you will get a number of preset status options. You can choose the typical options like ‘Busy’ or ‘Available’, or opt for other more specific choices like ‘At Work’, ‘In a meeting’, ‘Can’t talk, WhatsApp only’ or ‘Battery about to die’. That’s pretty useful, huh?

The WhatsApp 2.12.512 APK update also adds Data Usage to the settings menu. When pressing this option, the app will bring up other details such as ‘Network Usage’, which lets you see how data is being received and sent. This lets you control what kind of media files your particular WhatsApp app will download when your device is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, or while it is in Roaming mode. Another change is that the ‘Chats and Calls’ settings menu option is now merged into ‘Chats’. The calling options, like high or low data usage, have been categorized under the ‘Data Usage’ settings option. The latest version of WhatsApp allows users to modify their chat histories and chat backups. You will also notice that the previous ‘Help’ menu settings option is now ‘About and Help’ and includes details on the app’s frequently asked questions, its latest version number, the terms and privacy policy, the system status (whether the service is operating normally or not), and a ‘Contact Us’ option. And finally, the Payment information page is already gone because the app is now completely free.

WhatsApp is certainly aiming to keep its more than 1 billion users happy as they continue coming up with small and big improvements. It’s a good sign that they are really serious in providing the best instant messaging platform. Even businesses are taking advantage of the convenience and perks that WhatsApp offers and have even adopted it as an alternative to emailing in the office. Some analysts are even predicting that the app will be the catalyst to how businesses communicate with their customers. That is a prediction we won’t be surprised to see happen.

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