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GTA 5 is quintessentially one of, if not the most popular sandbox game released to-date, despite it now being 2 and a half-years old on its initial release. Despite the game’s age, it is being rumoured that a new DLC could be right around the corner, in the shape of single-player DLC; something that would be a first for the game.

An individual by the name of “Funmw2” has found himself poking around the code for GTA 5, and appears to have come to the conclusion that there will be 2 pieces of single-player DLC: one for Trevor, and the other for Michael. Rockstar are no strangers to releasing single-player DLC in this fashion, due to the fact GTA 4 had two story-based DLC’s released during its time, leading people to believe that GTA 5 will follow in its footsteps.

What is strange about this news, however, is that it only covers 2 out of the 3 main characters in the game. Franklin appears to be left out from single-player DLC, but that may be amended in time when more is possibly known about it.

So far, details on the Michael portion of this DLC is rather limited, simply left at it following after the Trever expansion that appears to be released first of the two.

The DLC starring Trevor, from the looks of the code that “Funmw2” uncovered, explains that a prominent Russian character will be getting involved with everyone’s favourite psychopath; for reasons we don’t quite know of just yet.

Along with this story information, it appears the new expansion will provide players with a new Russian car, jet, plane, and possibly more. Right now this is only hidden within the code, meaning that there isn’t going to be any physical signs of these new vehicles, at least not for the time being.

It appears with this new DLC information, fans of GTA 5 and its story mode are going to have some great, new story-based fun, instead of the usual update for GTA Online; something that may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea.